Senate Democrats Get One Step Closer to Regulating Free Speech

Senate Democrats Get One Step Closer to Regulating Free Speech

July 10, 2014

Today the Senate Judiciary Committee advanced legislation that would amend the Constitution to give Congress and state governments almost complete control over campaign contributions and independent political expenditures. The bill, Senate Joint Resolution 19, is sponsored by Senator Tom Udall (D-NM) and is cosponsored by 44 other Democratic Senators. No Republican Senators support the bill. American Encore President Sean Noble offered the following statement on this development today in Congress:

“While this particular proposed amendment currently stands virtually zero chance of becoming a part of the Constitution, it should alarm each and every American, regardless of ideology, that at least 45 members of the United States Senate believe they are entitled to such power.

Further, it’s a shame and insult to America’s founding principles that such a bill could advance as far as it has. However, it’s a reminder that we must remain vigilant and realize that every election matters. We never want to be caught in a position where a blatant violation of individual liberty such as this one has a chance of becoming law.  

Finally, if Democrats in Congress are so interested in what the Constitution says their authority is in regards to regulating speech, they ought to stop worrying about creating a 28th Amendment and pay closer attention to the 1st.”

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