AE Statement: Senate Democrats Try to Gut Free Speech

AE Statement: Senate Democrats Try to Gut Free Speech

September 8, 2014

Congress has heard the growing discontent of the American people with their job performance, manifesting itself in what is shaping up to be a dismal year for Senate Democratic incumbents. Yet, Senate leadership, instead of listening to the people and doing a better job, has decided to focus their attention on simply silencing the people.

Instead of taking up and allowing votes on one of the several-dozen pro-growth bills passed with bi-partisan majorities in the House, Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid has the Senate poised to vote on S.J. Res. 19, a Constitutional Amendment designed to curb Free Speech and give he and those with whom he shares power unrestricted authority to control election spending. American Encore President Sean Noble offered the following statement:

“The Senate Democrats’ proposed amendment reeks of the exact sort of tyranny our nation’s founders fought and died to liberate us from.

Our founding fathers knew that freedom of speech is the most effective weapon in defense of liberty and thus not only enshrined it in the Bill of Rights, but also put it first. Therefore, it doesn’t take a Supreme Court justice to tell that this proposal doesn’t even pass the smell test.

In short, the Constitution is so clear that Harry Reid and the Democrats must know what they’re doing, and that is what makes this so terrifying.”

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