Promote Free Markets

Economic freedom is what unleashes the ingenuity of the American spirit to strive to grow and prosper. Government has stifled this ingenuity through regulation, cronyism, protectionism and high taxes.  We believe there are key policy changes that will allow all Americans to enjoy greater prosperity.  These include: replacing Obamacare, promoting American energy production, eliminating cronyism through subsidies and tax loopholes, and reducing the overall regulatory burden on small businesses.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 20, 2014 Washington, D.C.— American Commitment and American Encore —national advocacy organizations committed to freedom and free markets—are joining forces to launch a hard-hitting new ad campaign targeting Democrats for their cynical “new Obamacare lie” that they ostensibly intend to “fix” the failed Obamacare law.


It's Time for an American Encore