Freedom and American Innovation

People expect the government to solve all of our problems. However, as American Encore's Policy Director Patrick Hedger explains, we most often find that human progress is maximized when government stays out of the way. There is a role for government to play in innovation, but that role is limited and involves only securing the ability for people to work freely, not directing their every move...

By: Patrick Hedger-Policy Director, American Encore

Today's decision to uphold subsidies in states with the federal ObamaCare exchange, in clear violation of the letter of the law, is a huge dissappointment. This means millions of Americans will continue to be subject to burdensome taxes and punishing...

By: Patrick Hedger-Policy Director, American Encore

When you hear the term “small business,” what comes to mind?

If your answer isn’t “The United States Congress,” prepare to be shocked and likely infuriated.

In order to avoid some of the more unsavory impacts of the Affordable Care Act, better known as ObamaCare, Congress certified itself as a small business with only 45...

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